Spring Star Lillies

Walking in a wooded environment, I find myself open to all the impressions from sights and sounds around me. It’s something else in nature, more colors and more to absorb my attention even in the dead calm of a forest.

I pick up on the colors of the woods and sky, and waves on a pond. I catch the fragrant scent of early spring flowers. There was a cluster of blooming star lilies on the ground, surrounded by leaves.

wild star lilies

cluster of wild star lilies

What timing to see them this week, and what a perfect signal of spring to watch them dance in the breeze.

I want to share a sweet, short poem about the lilies.

    Easter Lilies
    by Martha Lavinia Hoffman

    They grew where waters tumbled down
    In little falls and whirlings,
    A canyon, where wild maidenhair
    Grew thick, and little-frog choirs sung
    Their Easter melodies among
    The fern-fronds green uncurling;
    Oh, I can almost see the spot,
    So shaded, cool and stilly,
    Whence came the creamy delicate
    Sweet Easter wild star-lilly!

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