Spring Goose and Goslings

A mother of the earth waddling along with three fuzzy yellow goslings. A true delight to see this past weekend, after Earth Day and with the celebration of Mother’s Day.

Canada Goose and goslings

Canada Goose and goslings

I’m used to seeing the Canada geese fly overhead in the familiar V-shaped formation and in long wavy lines high in the air, honking loudly as they go.

I’m used to seeing Canada geese in marshes, by lakes and fields. When I saw the black head and neck with white bib under the chin and grayish-brown back and wings, I thought nothing of it. Although it is a large goose sometimes over five feet, it is one of the most common goose that I see.

It was a true delight to see three goslings, yellow the color of spring, trailing the mother and following her lead. The gander was also close by.

She is a beautiful example of a mother earth.

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