Spring Horses

It’s was a warm spring day, perfect for a visit to a farm. I walked past a corral and stopped to watch the a cluster of horses enjoying the shade of a tree. Their tails swishing and flies, and perhaps in animated conversation.

horses under a tree

horses gather under a tree on a sunny day

Maybe it’s their afternoon get together, and I watched from a distance so I would not intrude.

Watching the horses brought to mind an old poem. Coming across a beautiful old poem, is stumbling across a buried treasure. I want to share this literary nugget with you.

    Trees And Horses
    by Alice Corbin Henderson

    Red Earth: Poems of New Mexico

    Trees stand motionless among themselves,
    Some are solitary.
    Horses wander over wide pastures;
    At night they herd closely,
    Rumps hunched to the wind.


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