Summer Blackbird



It takes a while for blazing summer season to cool to fall. I’m enjoying it while it takes it’s time. The fish in the stream, frog in the pond and bird on the branch all seem to agree with me about the season. It heats up and then eases up to offer a respite.

All of seems to enjoy this season of heat, humidity and the occasional rainfall. As I walk the trail and hear the call of the raspy birds mutterings of blackbirds near a marshy bank; I take my time to savor it.

I think of this poem, as I continue my walk on the trail.

    It Takes Awhile
    by R. H. Grenville (Beatrice C. Rowley)

    It takes awhile for grass to grow,
    for returning spring to melt the snow,
    for a hatching bird to break the shell;
    to draw sweet water from a well.

    Between the in breath and the out,
    between the seedling and the sprout,
    between the act and the reaction,
    between desire and satisfaction,
    there’s a pause, a pulse,
    where faith should smile and calmly know
    it takes awhile.

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