Summer Water Lily

Walking alongside a lake in the forest, I admire the creamy white petals of water lilies against the large green leaves and dark blue waters. The beautiful, serene Nymphaea covering a summer lake like a white lace curtain covering a window, shading the waters below.

water lily

water lily in a pond

Yet I know it’s narrow and hollow stem transports air from the surface to the water. Lilies prevent algae from spreading across ponds and lakes, keeping the water clean. The root of the water lily can be dried and made into flour. I admire the decorative plant, and ponder its useful purposes as I walk by the lilies waving in the breeze.

And, I like to share a short poem, almost haiku for the lily that I came across.

    Water Lily
    by Fiona Davidson

    Water lily floats,
    Serenity surrounds it,
    Only ripples pass.

Enjoy your wetlands.

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