Stepping Into Fall

duck crossing rocks over rushing stream

duck crossing rocks over rushing stream

I know it’s always said that spring is the time of renewal. But I think fall it a time of rethinking and retooling. It’s the time rake leaves and paint eaves. A time to harvest and savor fruits and vegetables labored in the garden all summer long.

It’s the time I want to stay outside longer to enjoy every moment of nature’s fall show.

And when I saw the duck hopping from rock to rock to cross the rushing stream; it seemed to symbolize the crossing from one season to another. To crossing from the edge of summer into the beginning of fall.

I look forward to a season of sweaters and hoodies, and comfortably relaxing and watching the colors of the season unfold on walks through towns and forests. The weather will be turning pleasantly chilly. The season will allow me to recharge and retool.

Enjoy your first steps into fall.

One response to “Stepping Into Fall

  1. It must have been quite funny too, watching a duck avoiding the water by using stepping stones. I wonder was she fishing?

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