Winter Reflections On A Path

reflections on a winter path

reflections on a winter path

The reflections of a wooden fence on a wintry path appear like train rails leading me forward on this frosty walk. The sun is strong and high in the sky; dampening the chill of the wind over the prairie.

A hawk circles high in the sky gazing down over the prairie, that to me appears barren. There was a freeze the other night lacing everything with ice until the bright sun melted it. I look out at the freezing prairie that stretches out on either side of me in all directions. I could feel alone, except for the songbirds and crunch of other boots on the trail. I cannot see the other hikers yet, but I hear their movements on the cold ground and fallen frost-covered leaves.

I stop taking in the late sun, and taking in this in the soon to end year. I feel just as reflective as the fence on the trail. And I continue to walk forward following where the rails lead.

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