Winter Frozen Pond

Sunlight streams playing across the surface of a frozen pond with an upright timber standing sentinel, also frozen in place.

winter frozen pond

winter frozen pond

The cold, harshness of this time is so visible in the pond. Everything seems frozen in place, in motion, at a standstill. Even a little show of warmth can’t seem to melt the ice or shine through to the depths.

The weather may change in a few weeks or months, growing colder or warmer. But right now everything is at a standstill frozen in motion, frozen in place.

2 responses to “Winter Frozen Pond

  1. I too am wistful about Spring and getting out to walk once again. The Midwest has truly gotten slammed this year — here in SE Michigan weather 52 1/2 inches from December 1st to now. Enough already! It does amaze me how the Winter brings everything to a standstill and everything is frozen in place. I get that same sense at the Park where I walk (or used to since this last snow siege). 🙂

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