Spring Surprise

I want to surprise you with something different, a spring surprise. I’ve put together a gallery of photos of lakes that I’ve taken in the spring with a wonderful poem that I discovered by surprise. And, I was surprised once again to see all the waterfowl in the photos.

    By Marie Ponsot

    In a skiff on a sunrisen lake we are watchers.

    Swimming aimlessly is luxury just as walking
    loudly up a shallow stream is.

    As we lean over the deep well, we whisper.

    Friends at hearths are drawn to the one warm air;
    strangers meet on beaches drawn to the one wet sea.

    What wouldd it be to be water, one body of water
    (what water is is another mystery) (We are
    water divided.) It wd be a self without walls,
    with surface tension, specific gravity a local
    exchange between bedrock and cloud of falling and rising,
    rising to fall, falling to rise.


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