Spring Fishing

fisherman on a bench

fisherman on a bench

A little sun on an afternoon and bench, bucket or a fold up seat is all someone needs to find a quiet spot .to cast a line and ponder the important things of life.

Fishermen are philosophers with a rod. As they cast their line in a fluid motion so skims and lands in the water, and not plunks down, they consider many thoughts. They seek the solitude of the shore, wharf or a boat to be in tune with nature, the fish in the pond and ponder. Sometimes they sit with a fellow fisherman and chat a little while before being carried away to enjoy the time meditate.

They seek solace in nature, and with the fins in the water they try to entice. Although at the end of the day, a catch and release offers another opportunity for a day of fishing in the future.

One response to “Spring Fishing

  1. years ago while staying at a state park cabin and fishing during ‘free’ hours, i dashed for cover during a summer thunderstorm. another fisherman joined me, and we sat under a little porch and visited until the rain stopped. i was talking about working a plastic worm beneath a pier, and the younger man then stated, ‘my first wife liked to shop at the mall. my second wife doesn’t like to fish. but i hope that my next wife likes to fish.’

    ah, so many times less is more, but some people never figure that out!

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