Wild West Market Travel Theme

giant rooster

Where’s My Backpack’s travel theme photo challenge is street markets and everyone is invited to participate and shop:  http://wheresmybackpack.com/2012/05/25/street-markets/

My travel theme is a wild west world of a market.  I took the photographs at an open air market with a wild west theme that is located in Illinois.

I knew I had arrived at the right place when I saw the giant rooster on a truck.  The market is huge, a few miles long, with a colorful assortment of things for sale.

Coyote Ugly or Quick Draw

wild west booths

Lots of colorful ceramics and clay art like the painted mask.


An assortment of dried chilies to choose from.

dried chilies

Someone is sure to be noticed in those artful jeans.

cowboys, jeans

 Collection of wood beads and crosses, and music CDs.

prayer, song

 Colorful lizards catching some sunrays.

clay lizards

These little shoppers had fun finding toys.

toy time

Mama Love on a roll.

mama love

Something for everyone including super heroes.

where super heroes shop

Bye from the Market.  Enjoy your Memorial Day.

8 responses to “Wild West Market Travel Theme

  1. Yeeehaww! Those jeans are only for the very brave. I don’t know why I find those little lizards so adorable, but I do, I think maybe it’s their little mouths hanging open. Makes them look very thirsty. Very fun! xxx 🙂

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