Fall Barn

Walk or ride along a country road, and you’ll see an iconic symbol of rural life–a barn. A wooden barn is beautiful to me in any season.

fall barn

This white barn stood out against the gold stalks of corn and overcast sky. A lone wooden structure surrounded by harvested field in stark landscape of late fall. Sometimes I see wildlife edging along corn stalks and in between wind breaks of trees, but not this time.

There was just the simple beauty of the barn.

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4 responses to “Fall Barn

  1. There certainly is something beautiful about a barn. My husband has mentioned on several occasions that he would love to travel across the states and just take pictures of all the barns, standing or falling down, it really doesn’t matter, it seems that they all have a story to tell!

  2. Barns like this are almost obsolete here near Raleigh, NC. It’s sad to me, they have so much more character than barns of today! I try to photograph them whenever I catch a glimpse passing by. Great photo😃

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