Spring Water Lilies

I’d like to be a water-lily sleeping on the river,
Where solemn rushes whisper, and funny ripples quiver.
All day I’d watch the blue sky—all night I’d watch the black,
Floating in the soft waves, dreaming on my back,
And when I’d tired of dreaming, I’d call a passing fish,
“I want to find the sea!” I’d shout, “Come! You can grant my wish! John Chipman Farrar

The water’s surface is a sea of pale petals and vibrant green leaves, with barely any blue water showing. The flower’s perfume mixes with the muddy scent of a lake. It’s such a pretty sight this of water lilies and leaves above, and tangle of connected roots below that fish must navigate in the sunlight strained lake.

Ah, the tangles nature weaves.

For more tangled pictures, visit Travel theme: Tangle.

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