Winter Cardinals


a pair of cardinals perch between bare tree branches

Now and then an expression of my thoughts is clearly illustrated by the instinctive performance of wildlife, and nature. I walk along and think it’s breezy today, and then tree branches quake from a gust of wind.

Although I seldom recall all those moments later when my thoughts were expressed by actions of wildlife ran than through my words or phrases. It is a singular moment of shared thoughts or movements that I’m aware of and appreciate.

I was bundled in layers against the bitter breeze as I walked on this wintry day. I thought that no matter how puffed out I was by all my scarves, gloves and layers; the wind seemed sail right through to my skin.

Then I saw a pair of cardinals equally puffed out with feathers, bracing themselves against the wind a I did. Although they might be birds and I a person, we both reacted instinctively at that moment thinking of wind.

I felt as weightless as a leaf in the direction of the strong wind, trying to stay rooted to the path.


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