Spring Rocky Path

rocky path

rocky path on an uphill trail

Doubtless I’ll feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of this rocky path, presently, the sense of accomplishment evades me as the image of larger rocks on a narrowing trail looms ahead. As the path climbs up, I slow my pace. The silence of the woods is broken time to time by the call of a songbird, rhythmic tapping of a woodpecker and the buzzing of bugs attracted to my sweat.

Yes, it’s a hot day and rocks on this narrow path are larger than ones viewed in this picture. As I climb slowly upward on this narrow stairs of tree limbs and stones paved by nature, I wonder what the next level holds. Will the path level out and I’ll saunter leisurely down it or will the long corridor be a succession of ever larger stones?

Hiking is always interesting. Enjoy the trail

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