Friendly Farm Animals

Yesterday I did a post about deserted farms.  I think they have an eery, atmospheric quality that I try to capture in photographs.

Today is a companion post about a lived in farm that is a lively place with lots of animals and action.   I like photographing animals.  I’ve found that some of them really like to pose of a picture.  The animals at this farm, most of them, were happy to say cheese and pose for me.  They were quite photogenic and fun to take pictures of.

Just for fun on a Friday here photos of a few friendly farm faces.

Bella and Pal

A Blue-eyed Goat

side portrait of a blue-eyed goat

Cricket the pony getting groomed.


The ewe with the lambs didn’t watch her picture taken and ran away.

ewe with lambs

Who was your favorite?

 Well back to the barnyard.  Bye.


4 responses to “Friendly Farm Animals

  1. I think I like Bella and Pal. I normally really would have said the goat but no … those eyes are kinda creepy… well captured. Sheep’s eyes are quite spooky too when you get close up – lovely pictures. Pam

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