Travel Theme – Liquid

Kenosha globitron

Kenosha globitron

Kenosha Globitron, also known as unisphere, is a sculptured representation of the Earth

A photo challenge about liquid allowed me to submerge my thoughts in water, and seek out images of that versatile element water.  I don’t have to be a fish to appreciate water.  I appreciate the beauty of water in a reflective pond, gently flowing in a stream, and in a sculptured fountain.  For Where’s My Backpack Travel Theme – Liquid, I was water bound not waterlogged.

Water is beautiful in all it’s many forms.  As a shutterbug aiming my camera lens on a watery surface, I see flowing water blur, enhance the colors below the surface and around it.  The fast spray of motion as water shoots out of a fountain in to the air reflecting the sun in droplets.

Water Images

Fabyan Japanese Gardens

Fabyan Japanese Gardens

Fabyan Japanese Gardens

koi fish pond

Koi fish pond

Koi fish in pond

river stones

liquid colors of water of stones

stones in stream at garden





7 responses to “Travel Theme – Liquid

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  3. Here’s a shout out from someone who also appreciates water in its many forms 😉 For without water, there will be no beauty around us and there will be no life.

    Have a great day.

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